The New Components For The Aliante Carbon Rigger

The best rigger finally configured with the best components.

Let’s start with the weight; a detail that can make all the difference for those who have chosen to row in a Filippi with Aliante carbon riggers. The new oarlock’s holder block, which includes hilt, pin, hilt holder and washer made with carbon fabrics and forged carbon (composite of carbon and resin treated at highest pressures), will weigh 30% less than the previous system made of aluminum and titanium. This tallies with our increasing tendency to leverage carbon in the most critical parts of the boat. The goal is clear: less weight, more stiffness, less energy dispersion.


The new carbon hilt outstrips the aluminum version (which was the result of a plastic deformation via a press machine) as it was produced in a specific mould. As a result, we can now create a complex stratification which intervenes on the thicknesses which vary according to the loading distribution generated by the athlete’s thrust. Even to the naked eye, it is possible to appreciate the longitudinal ribs that give our product strength and rigidity. In fact, the use of forged carbon allows us to create specific shapes with a targeted level of thickness which in turn increases the torsional stiffness of the corresponding area. In areas subject to compression, the carbon fabric allows the hilt to withhold genuine resistance. The decision to use special calibrated bushings in AISI 316 stainless steel – fastened via high pressure and bonded to the hilt by an aeronautical glue – preserves the hilt from any abrasion. Both the holes for fixing the bushings and the central slot are made via a CNC machine. The washer has a new, more compact shape, aimed to transmit loads more efficiently. It has a tooth that prevents rotation and leads the sliding in the slot of the hilt. Naturally, we developed different versions of the hilt for sculling and sweep depending on the thrust and the pin size.

Hilt holder

The new carbon version of the hilt holder – which has the task of connecting the rigger to the hilt and allowing for a 360° adjustment – guarantees perfect adhesion both to the rigger and to the hilt for direct transmission of the rower’s thrust. Carbon eliminates the risk of tensocorrosion and guarantees high resistance. Two versions of the hilt holder have been created:•        for scullers with a threaded insert•        for sweep athletes with a threaded insert and a special cavity for housing an M10 nut. In this case, the hilt holder has wider dimensions due to the larger conceivable load. This allows you more room to insert the cavity and makes replacing the component far easier.


The new pin is made of carbon fabric, with threaded inserts at the tip, and as such we feel it deserves a more in-depth analysis. As everybody knows, carbon allows for a better transmission of energy through a rigid body compared to aluminum. It means that the athlete, producing his or her effort on the pin and broadly on the new carbon block of the oarlock, will waste less energy. Surface treatment applied to the carbon adds critical resilience and smoothness to the product. All inserts are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.


  • Are the new carbon parts standard or optional? They are standard on all Aliante carbon configurations starting from June 2023.
  • Can I still order the old aluminum and titanium components as a replacement?  Yes
  • Can I fit the new components with my Aliante carbon rigger? Yes. The slot for the Aliante carbon rigger is always the same and therefore it is also suitable for these new components.
  • Can I fit the new components with my Aliante aluminum rigger? Only aluminum and titanium components can be fitted with the Aliante aluminum rigger.
  • I need to replace just one of the components: can I order the new carbon version and match it with the other old components? No. For overall effectiveness we recommend using components of the same material.

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