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Carbon Convex Rail: Welcome to the New World

The profile of the brand-new carbon convex rail deserves particular attention from both an aesthetic and structural point of view. Those who know the process will immediately realize the complexity and quality of the work just from admiring the tips since the plastic ends and screw have been removed. In fact, the new carbon convex rail design allows us to gain two centimeters in comparison to the current standard profile(cm.85). Obviously, in certain boats, the bottom section of the carbon rail will be fitted under the decking.

There are still several other reasons that lead to their creation and the transition from aluminum to carbon. The friction coefficient of carbon – lower than aluminum – will reduce wear due to the passage of the seat wheels. Above all else though, the reverse shape ensures that any impurities don’t remain in the rail during the sliding process, which carries obvious advantages on boat performance.

A new docking system for the seat

We have created a new docking system that guarantees improved stability for the seat during the maximum thrust of the rower and a quick reactive alignment of the wheel on the track. In addition, it will no longer be necessary to push the seat against the rails. Now, you only must insert the chassis hooking flap into the slot cut in the rail. Finally, the weight reduction; 240 grams less for each rowing position.

The seat upgrade

In this system the innovative concave wheel which was built to suit the convex shape of the rail plays an important role. It is made of a techno-polymer and features a bearing with an internal pin of 316 stainless steel tested to resist corrosive agents. The wheel has been designed to optimize the friction between the polymer and the carbon of the rail. For this reason, sliding tests have been successfully carried out (in the concave rail the friction is lower because of rolling) that consider the inverted motion of the wheel from the attack to the finish.

Convex rails now also available in anodized aluminum

All the advantages derived from the new shape are also applied in the anodized aluminum version. They will be the standard accessory for all new boats*. With this configuration, the bottom section of the rail will be in plastic like the old version.

The seat of the future

The innovation does not end here: our next step will be the introduction of a new seat with an integrated chassis. This one-piece seat guarantees absolute stiffness, eliminates gluing/fastening of vertical screws, controls deformations and reduces additional load transmissions.   The seat will be specifically designed for each size, so that the verticality of the wheel is guaranteed and the precision of its contact with the Convex rail favors the continuous sliding of the seat without the risk of unwanted bend and general energy dispersion. With the Convex rail, we optimize the path of the seat on the guide. To reduce the effect of this important rigidity, the seat pad will also change and will be  3D printed: more comfortable, elastic, ergonomic, with variable density and a reticular structure.

New convex rails available for orders from April 2023

When will the Convex rail be available?

Convex guides are available in all new orders starting from April 2023. The guides and seats with new chassis’ went into production from June 2023. 

Can I fit the new guides on my boat?

Yes. You will also need to purchase the new chassis where you can fit an existing seat. 

Will the new boats be equipped with a Convex rail?

All orders from April 2023 onwards will include the Convex guides in anodized aluminum as a standard accessory (it will always be possible to choose the old guide model, depending on the preferences of the rower). Carbon Convex Guides will be available as an optional accessory.

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