The Riggers

The Yard offers 6 types of rigging

  • Reverse Wing rigging – which provide a wonderful feel – whereby the athlete can feel the connection with the boat in the drive phase. Very popular at International level and in the UK. The riggers can be supplied in Carbon or Alloy
  • Standard Wing Rigging – As with reverse wing rigging, the standard wing allows for wide slide beds and the ability to move the line of work easily to suit the particular style the athlete wants to adopt. Generally, unless specified on order, backstays should be used.
  • Tubular Carbon Rigging – Provides a very stiff tubular carbon rigger, supported by a carbon shoulder, ensuring the need for a narrower slide bed.
  • 3 Stay Alloy Rigging – Traditional in nature and supported by a back stay and carbon shoulder, ensuring the need for a narrower slide bed.

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