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Good things come in threes. After two sensational campaigns, you might have thought that Cambridge University Boat Club women’s squad would not have the desire or the firepower to overcome a resurgent Oxford and reclaim the title that their Filippi shell has helped lead them to.

2024 was a tough season. Oxford were led by a new coach, rejuvenated with returning Blues and fresh talent from the domestic scene and overseas. Cambridge, with six wins in a row at their back, were firmly in the hunted category; leading from the front but with a Dark Blue snarl in their ears. Even approaching the race, Oxford’s overwhelming status as race favourites meant that many arrived in London assuming that the contest would be a formality.

Indeed, in the opening couple of kilometres, it seemed that the pundits had it right. Oxford stole out to an early lead, buoyed by their own personal mission to turn the tide, and overcome Cambridge’s stranglehold on the trophy. Paddy Ryan and his athletes were not to be overawed though. Their extensive Boat Race experience – all of which has been from a position of strength over the past few years – was decisive as they slowly unwound Oxford’s advantage around the long Surrey bend.

Despite frantic interventions from Oxford’s cox, Cambridge’s march could not be halted; their inexorable, irreversible, irresistible rhythm, forged by months spent together in Ely and Italy and in the safe confines of a Filippi shell, was apparent for all to see. Despite losing a bulk of their most talented athletes to pastures new, the group came together in the pivotal moment to deliver a spectacular winning performance, guided smoothly by the talents of chief coach Paddy Ryan.

Filippi’s cooperation with Cambridge women – which has coincided with three straight victories on the legendary Tideway course – has been a genuine story of thoughtful collaboration equaling record successes. We supported Paddy’s squad in travelling out to Sabaudia in Italy for their January training camp and responded to every request in enhancing and customising the boat for a supremely talented squad of female athletes.

The F42 winning mould was equipped with back-wing Aliante riggers and specified for the group. In 2025, we hope to bring our ‘Performance’ range to Ely and offer Cambridge the chance to use newer, faster components in their quest to win an eighth consecutive women’s Boat Race.

Paddy commented: “2024 was a really special year for this group of athletes. I saw huge improvement, both on individual levels but also as a broader squad, and that manifested itself in a commanding victory over Oxford. Watching these incredibly talented women find their rhythm around the Surrey bend and overcome a powerful Oxford boat was a truly memorable moment.”

On Filippi, he said: “Without Filippi’s consistent support, our equipment simply would not be at the standard required to execute performances like that. The Filippi team genuinely want to bring the very best of their expertise and technology to enable our boats to go as fast as possible. We’re excited to continue collaborating with them in 2025 and beyond.”

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